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Eight Certification


Patent technology

The composed far-infrared ray material. Patented embedding technology. The effects will remain after washing.  It will not loose and will not change shape and will not become hard.

Enhanced the blood flow 42.98%, flow speed 52.36%

TTRI(Taiwan Textile Research Institute) certified the blanket could enhance blood flow 42.98%, flow speed 52.36%, body temperature increased 1.3˚c to enhance the body metabolism. The good metabolism brings good health and more energetic, so that you will not get tired easily.

Warm in winter, cold in summer.
A side is cotton(use in summer) B side is fleece(use in winter). The warming effect is same as electric blanket, breathable can relieve the smell when sleep. Adjust the body temperature automatically and keep the constant temperature.

 Plug free and non-electromagnetic wave

Patented technology to research the product - plug free and no interference from electromagneticwave. Safe for infant & pregnant woman to use.

100% Made in Taiwan 
The product is 100% made in Taiwan. The quality is stable & reliable. Have insured 5 billion N.T. dollars.

Guaranteed for 1 year, the function will remain for 5 years at normal operation.

Excluded abnormal operation, or improper usage or destroyed by mankind.
Machine washable & Dryable.

Nano material (as Industrial Technology Research Institute report #09922C00003-1-1-01) Utilized year is long, minimized the cotton sheet & dust mite. Machine washable & be dried. The effects will remain the same after washing(as Industrial Technology Research Institute report #09955C000030-1-01). Non-pilling,won't be lose, the shape will not change. won't become hard. Can kill the bacterial with high temperature  (Durable temperature 140℃)

Medical purpose is guaranteed by the Taiwan Department of Health, and USA Food and Drug administration.

002431Medical Device Certification#00002431

10035279 USA FDA CERTIFICATION#10035279