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Industry-Leading Molecular-Physics Technology

International-patent Bio-Stamina Fibre Technology

The light-weight and super-fine hallow fibers are drawn from the material balls made of germanium, titanium and key composites with precise molecular-scale and reagent-grade formula. This manufacturing method ensures increased stability, even distribution, bio-safety of the metal content and textile products. This innovative technology and products have granted over 70 patents in USA, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, etc..



High-purity bio-band far-infrared for human safety

This technology and its products is able to emit far-infrared by a electricity-free, radiation-free and medicine-free way at normal temperature. The emissivity of the bio-band far-infrared ray at a wavelength between 4 and 14µm is above 90%. 


Medical Principle and Proof by Clinical Research

Micro blood-vessel system, an ignored super-huge organ

The micro blood vessel, a tiny thing with a diameter between 5 and 8µm usually to be ignored, actually it is the ultimate delivery network feeding the 60 trillion cells of the human body. It is also a super-huge organ with length total over 96,000 kilometers which reaches 2.5 circles of Earth. 


Product proof by clinical research rather than hearsay legend

GreenE co-works with top-notch hospitals, universities and laboratories for physiological mechanism research and efficacy test.Professional laboratories test the working effects of the bio F-IR textiles. A bicycling EMG test regarding sports tape proves less muscular-strength regression, muscle stretching and torque. GreenE products are worthy of trust by solid reasons. 


Exclusive Benefits of GreenE Products

● Offering energetic and comfort experience

● Eelectricity-free, radiation-free and medicine-free

● Permanently effective under washing or steaming

● Medical-level identical and constant production quality 

● Safe use for pregnant women and children