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About GreenE and Green Energy Nano Tech

All start from a bio-stamina blanket taking care of parents

In 2000’s Taiwan, a fifties-year-old medical-instrument businessman took care of his mother who was suffering unknown pains and insomnia for years. This businessman Mr. Tenson Liang has worn reading glasses for his medical college degree, looked for and researched any possible therapies in a dust servant. 

Exclusive medical bio-band Far-Infrared Technology

Based on hundreds of medical papers regarding bio-band far-infrareds upon the human body, this young but nearly-sixty Chinese-medicine Doctor Liang has acquired a molecular-physics technology to generate highly purified bio-band F-IR via co-works with a national industrial research institute, and built the Green Energy Nano Technology Co. Ltd. for the development of medical F-IR products in 2008. 


International Affirmations from Industry

Over 100 international patents, awards, and medical certificates

Owe to the hands of international development resources, the first magic blanket, benefitting circulation with no need electricity and medicine, has born for elderly parents’ health and smile. More than that, the laboratory team and engineering powers in Green Energy Nano Tech have kept on brilliant works and granted over 100 international patents, awards and medical certificates to cover in USA, EU, Germany, Japan and Taiwan.

Customer Praises cross Five Continents

Health and witness of millions customers globally

Nowadays there are more GreenE’s innovative medical products, and more OEM/ODM products adopting GreenE’s patent technologies having been launched in five continents globally, which deliver health, beauty and full energy to millions of customers.